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With our expertise in fashion show logistics and transport we serve globally recognized brands with all their fashion transport needs when traveling Europe for exhibitions or production collections across Europe.


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Exhibitions & Fashion Shows

Same day & next day European deliveries. Hanging garments and equipment transport


Our reporting tools allow you to extract reports on your account activity with filters. Our reporting is customisable and can generate CSV files.


Our allocations departments operate 7 days a week to ensure your goods are processed and ready to despatch as quick as possible.


Our simple yet effective POD system offers both signatory and imagery options. With signed by, date, time and location all recorded you can track all your parcels

Quality Control

We also provide an in house service for QC of product. Our team can host your sample products or imagery with notes to quality control each individual item received at our warehouse facility.

Stock Counts

Our experienced staff can come to your site and carry out stock takes. With high end inventory count software and technology our staff are well equipped to facilitate end of year or general stock takes.


Our warehouse has been fitted with rails to accommodate hanging garments, furthermore we regularly have specialist cleaning and dust extraction to ensure your garments are stored in optimum settings.

Fashion Couriers

Specialist fashion couriers to take your parcels across town for shoots or fittings. Our specialist courier vans are all fitted with rails and lined with carpet to ensure your garments can be transported hanging safely​


We offer same day and next day fulfilment for your stores within the UK and in the EU. Our dedicated team operate out of store working hours and are flexible to suit each individual store delivery process

Pick & Pack

Our popular pick & pack service is ideal for business, we provide steaming, folding & final packing services to deliver to your customers. Following image or video instructions our team work efficiently to ensure your goods are packed to your company standards. We can also have our staff trained by your in house team for pick & pack training

European Collections

Over the years Prestige Logistics have identified a niche service which has proven to be very popular for our customers. Offering collections from EU locations with GOH enabled vans has proven to be very cost and time effective for our clients. Our rail fitted transport solutions can fit upto 1000 pcs as little from as £0.85 per garment.

Track & Trace

Our state of the art software allows clients to have live time tracking of all items. Goods in our warehouse are scanned in and automatically loaded into our online inventory available for picking. Our tracking service allows POD and movement to be checked without limit.


Prestige Logistics maintain great integrity with courier and transport services. Our professional staff demonstrate great level of care when handling customer requests. All our vans are equipped with audio and visual recording along with a live GPS tracking system. We have the facilities to always send 2+ manned transport for valuable goods transit. As standard we obtain signature upon delivery and offer delivery upon ID inspection.Our perfect track record till date has had nil recordings of any theft or loss of goods, instilling faith in our customers to return to us over and over again for continuous business.

E-Commerce Fullfilment

With our same day pick and pack service we can turn around your e-commerce orders in a matter of minutes to be ready to dispatch. Our state of the art software has integration available to enable orders to come through directly to us for efficient processing