What Third-Party eCommerce Fulfillment Services Can Offer?

Owning and operating an eCommerce business is difficult enough without having to deal with orders and shipping. Whether you operate small, medium, or large businesses, the logistics of having to handle orders might be best outsourced to professional eCommerce fulfillment services such as Prestige Logistics.

Every day, millions of eCommerce packages are shipped all over the world, and this has increased significantly since the starts of the Covid-19 pandemic to proportions where it might not be feasible to handle fulfillment yourself.

While order fulfillment covers a wide array of services, some of the more eCommerce-focused solutions cover such things as:

  • Picking and Packing
  • Special transport and logistics
  • 365 days service

The art of packing an order properly is vital both in terms of protecting a product and reducing the cost to your business. In contrast, some products require specialised transportation, and the modern world dictates that couriers be available all year round.

Outsourcing order fulfillment can be a great benefit to your company as it not only leaves you free to focus on other part of your business, but you can save money on expensive storage, improve customer service, and cover a large area of customers and a third-party logistics company can also facilitate the arduous process of return orders.

Refined Order Fulfillment

Our warehousing solutions provide full peace of mind knowing that your products are safely stored and ready for picking, packing, and shipping. With almost 7,000 items stored in our fully secure warehouse, we can confidently say we are able to facilitate almost any kind of item.

Secure warehouses are a must-have for any peace of mind when it comes to your valuables, so we employ state-of-the-art controls that allow us to store garments and other sensitive materials thanks to regular cleaning that comes as standard with all of our warehouse solutions.

Storing items in our warehouses can save you both time and money. All items are ready to load into our modern and GPS-tracked vehicles following professional picking and packaging procedures by staff trained in handling delicate, valuable, and sensitive goods. Our dedicated team can confidently offer same or next day delivery for orders placed in the UK and Europe.

Efficient Logistical Infrastructure

Every delivery service requires a vast and refined network, including air freight, couriers, and logistics, so our infrastructure is able to meet even the most demanding eCommerce order fulfillment. Almost 500 satisfied clients from a wide range of industries have taken advantage of our generous services offered at the most reasonable prices available.

At Prestige Logistsics, we know that while all items are created equally, some require special and knowledgeable transportation methods. Valuable orders can be transported with teams of two or more couriers along with enhanced security procedures such as caged transport, identification procedures, and white-glove service for delicate products.

Working closely with the fashion industry for over ten years has also earned us a reputation for being number one when it comes to handling garments and materials. Leading fashion brands have consistently chosen us as a reliable logistics source deploying stock counts, track and trace with rigorous quality control techniques for delivering their valuable items all over Europe to private clients, productions, and fashion exhibitions.

5-Star Service at Any Time

Modern consumer demand means that no courier service can afford to take a day off, and neither will we. Our dedicated and highly skilled employees are trained to put the customer first and will do so all day, every day, all year round. Because of this, we can offer the same day and next day delivery guarantee for the United Kingdom and European countries.

From our head office in London, your order is processed through the supply chain, beginning with administration through to warehouse logistics such as picking and packing and then transportation with final delivery right to a recipient’s doorstep. All of this is done in as little time as possible and, in most cases, within 24 hours.

Employing different rates for different sized businesses ensures that a tailored and structured approach can be adopted when it comes to processing your orders. While each company will have different needs, our packages include warehousing, inventory management, insurance, reports, and signature one-day delivery service.


What happens if my goods are damaged?

There is a small but real chances that something will be damaged; all of the stock in any of our warehouses is fully insured.

Can I ship internationally?

Yes, you can provide services to the UK and the rest of Europe when using our services.

What about my carbon footprint and sustainability?

Our trained and skilled staff will never use too much material when packing order, and our refined delivery routes mean that our carbon emissions are as efficient as possible.