What Services Do Courier Companies Provide?

Courier companies offer a variety of services. They include;

  • Overnight services
  • Standard courier services
  • International courier
  • Same day express courier

If you want to send a gift or a parcel to a friend or family member who lives in a different city or country, consider trying out a courier service.  Courier services have also gained a lot of popularity in the growing e-commerce world.

The demands of customers who utilize courier services vary according to their needs.  While some of them may wish to have their parcel sent to the recipient on the same day that they deliver it to their local courier office, others have no issue if it is shipped on the very next day. Some people may also have an emergency parcel that needs to be shipped within a few hours.

Courier service providers offer tailored services to meet the needs of their customers. There are four primary services offered by courier companies. They are;

Overnight Service

If you wish to have your parcel shipped the very next day, then an overnight courier service is the most reliable option. All you need to do is deliver the parcel to the nearest courier office in your locality, and they will ensure that it is delivered to the receiver within 24 hours.

If you wish to send the parcel to another city, it will be transported to the local depot closest to your delivery address either late in the night or the early hours of the morning. The service provider will then ensure that it reaches your receiver on time. In addition to their effectiveness, overnight courier services are also very reasonably priced.

Standard Courier Service

If you are looking for a more affordable option to transfer your goods and the delivery isn’t very urgent, then the standard courier service is the best option. The courier company will give you the estimated delivery time upon delivery to their local office. You also receive a tracking ID on your receipt.

The standard courier service mode is quite similar to overnight service, but the goods are delivered to your desired destination within the standard estimated time. This service is ideal for persons who are not in a hurry to send or receive their parcels.

International Courier

As the name suggests, international courier services are intended for customers who want to deliver their packages from one country to another. This service is usually offered by popular courier companies which provide their services on a large scale using planes or ships.

International courier services come in different variations, such as International express, where packages are shipped on the next day, and Standard, where packages are delivered in 5-7 days. The prices in this service vary greatly depending on the weight and size of your package and how quickly you wish to have it delivered.

Same Day Express Courier

If you wish to have your parcel delivered to the concerned person as soon as possible and preferably on the same day, you should opt for the same day express courier service. This service caters to customers who need an urgent or last-minute delivery to be made on the same day.

The same-day express courier service is popular in big cities, especially for important  and urgent documentation. It is the most costly of all courier services and is usually used by medical suppliers, hospitals, and law and accounting firms.

Additional Services

Some courier service providers may provide some services in addition to the standard types mentioned above. They include the following;

Pallet Shipment and Warehousing

If you do business in high volume, you may require pallet shipment to distribute your products. Pallets are also beneficial in making tracking inventory much more manageable.  Courier services can handle the process of transporting your pallets to a warehouse and sorting and storing them.

Luggage Delivery

Some courier service providers offer luggage delivery. This can save you a lot of money and time, especially when moving your luggage during business trips. Courier services also ensure to wrap your luggage in protective covering to avoid breaks or damages.

Extra Insurance

In addition to offering flawless services, courier service providers provide expanded types of delivery insurance. If your package is very fragile or of a higher value than the standard rates, you should consider getting extra insurance for additional security.

Courier service providers that offer extra insurance are confident in their abilities and trustworthiness. They also help their customers to save on expensive third-party insurance costs. There are numerous courier services out there, and it can be hard to find one that suits your needs best. Now that you know the different services that they offer, research companies within your locality and look at their reviews and testimonials to find the most suitable option. Prestige Logistics is an affordable, professional service that will meet your needs.