Pick and Pack Warehouse: Everything You Need to Know

More than a standard housing complex for goods, a pick and pack warehouse provides shipping order fulfillment and plays an essential role in eCommerce. Ecommerce products are distributed from these specialised warehouses that provide start to finish services required by eCommerce companies as well as administration, logistics and security.

Because of the complex and refined infrastructure offered by a pick and pack service, their solutions are usually wide-ranging and provide an all-in-one benefit over separate and tedious tasks and are carried out by skilled employees operating all day, every day, all year round.

Some of the most essential services offered by a reputable pick and pack warehouse don’t just include general shelving but also include:

  • Picking and packing
  • Storage and Handling
  • Transportation and delivery

Orders are “picked” according to processed transactions and then “packed” by suitably trained staff using appropriate materials while items of all types can be safely stored in specialised areas and handled with care until they are ready for necessary transportation and prompt delivery.

A Novel Approach to Order Fulfillment

After an order has been place and processed, the specified item(s) must be then retrieved before they can be shipped. From large warehouse spaces, a systematic approach is deployed for the picking of orders and this can consist of one or more items that are stored over a large area of a warehouse.

Trained employees utilise their knowledge of the floor space and sorting system as well as automation techniques to gather the items placed on a single order and use fulfillment processes to gather an order ready for distribution. Following the correct retrieval of the necessary items an order is then ready for packing.

In most fulfillment warehouses the employees are highly trained in packing systems. At Prestige Logistics, such systems include knowledge of how to handle delicate or fragile items, materials and packing techniques. Great care is take so as not to use inappropriate materials when packing and the types of materials that are required for different products, such as bubble wrap for example, and packers are also responsible for checking consignments, applying tracking numbers and preparing goods for shipment.

Handled with Care

Not all items can be placed on a shelf in any location waiting to be ordered. Knowledge of materials is essential for a successful pick and pack warehouse and a complex system of procedures and protocols are deployed by the best in the business. A pick and pack warehouse usually follows an efficient layout that allows for the smooth handling of goods from receiving, storage, processing and loading.

Following an order, items are gathered from their appropriate storage areas by trained pickers who are efficient in retrieving goods in a timely manner while taking care with special considerations and moving techniques such as those required for fragile items. The best pick and pack warehouses employ trained and skilled staff that are aware of special handling procedures for delicate items.

A good warehouse should also be aware of storage requirements and some such order fulfillment warehouses like Prestige Movers offer tailored solutions and actively work with clients to store items appropriately such as fashion garments in dust extraction areas that are waiting for delivery to exhibitions. Secure, caged van deliveries with multiple personnel are also available along with delicate white-glove handling procedures for items such as fine art and antiquities.

Getting from A to B in One Piece

One of the most important aspects of logistical supply chain is of course transportation and eventual delivery to a customer. In most cases, transportation consists of items being loaded into a delivery van before being distributed by couriers, but some companies also employ specialised services such as air freight and appropriate transport vehicles.

Airfreight is usually utilised in cases of international delivery such as from the UK to Europe while specialised vehicles might be required to deliver fashion items using “garment-on-hanger” (GOH) solutions, for example. Prestige Logistics are experts in transportation methods of this type and have worked with reputable fashion labels for over ten years. In addition to providing necessary care for items and goods, any good pick and pack warehouse needs to be able to deliver on delivery. Prompt and secure delivery plays an important part in the logistical process of order fulfillment as it not only affect the reputation of the warehouse itself but the customers using it as well. While most eCommerce fulfillment companies offer 2-day guaranteed delivery, the best ones such as Prestige Logistics offer 24-hour or next-day delivery for the United Kingdom and Europe.