5 Ways to Improve your eCommerce order Fulfillment Process

Figuring out how to improve your ecommerce order fulfillment process doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect! Here are 5 of the most effective ways that you can improve your ecommerce order fulfillment process today.

1) change the way you manage your inventory

If you want to stand the best chance of optimising your fulfillment process, then you need to start at the top. Even before a customer places an order, it’s a good idea to make sure you have enough inventory to fulfill any kind of order. This is more important when you have lots of different products, and it can help to minimise delays. It’s also beneficial to invest time and energy into demand forecasting – this process will aid you in anticipating peak demand times so that you can stand a better chance of ordering the correct volume of stock. Change the way that you manage your inventory if you want to improve your ecommerce fulfillment process!

2) choose the best logistics center

It’s fair to say that customers have certain expectations for delivery times when they order from a business in the modern day. Most large brands even offer next day delivery, but this may be something that currently seems near impossible for you to achieve. This is exactly why you need to choose the best logistics center, as this will aid you in offering the best possible delivery services that satisfy your customers. Ideally, choose a center which is close to the largest base of your customers to reduce delivery timers.

3) promote full end to end order visibility

It’s vital that you can achieve full visibility over your supply chain, and the best way of doing this is by implementing an order management system of some kind. An OMS can provide you with constant visibility on inventory statistics, products ordered and processing statuses, so it’s certainly an option you should consider exploring to improve your ecommerce order fulfillment process.

4) boost customer communications

Boosting customer communication will no doubt aid you in offering the best service. Sending out a simple email can be of real benefit in the prevention of allowing small issues to escalate, so try your best to keep your customers in the loop at all times. Let them know if their order is on time or if it’s delayed, and be sure to follow up after delivery too.

5) focus on warehouse automation

In the modern day it’s never been easier to automate your warehouse operations within your ecommerce fulfillment process. New age technologies are totally accessible and should be included in your efforts to modernise and improve your processes. From RFID identification to warehouse robots, there are lots of options to explore. Warehouse automation can help to dramatically reduce human errors and subsequently increase order processing speed while improving standards overall.

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your ecommerce order fulfillment process, then reach out to a member of our knowledgeable team at Prestige Logistics. We have years of experience with specialist warehousing and logistics solutions, and our reputation speaks for itself!