How Much Does it Cost to Relocate an Office?

Relocation is always tricky. You are always concern about the safety of the office or the home which is being relocated, as well as the security of the stuff which is installed in them. Any small damage or blemish could cost you hundreds of pounds. While sometimes the relocation is inevitable, it is always concerning for people to know of the costs which they will paying in order to get relocated. Although homes are traditionally bigger in size, the costs for them are relatively high. Keeping this in mind, the office relocation costs are also dependent upon the size of the offices as well as the location to which it is being moved.

Office relocation by Prestige Logistics

Having tons of experience in the road transport and relocation business in the UK, Prestige Logistics offer a comprehensive and affordable means for office relocation to the business owners. They ensure that your office disruption and relocation is safe since they will be aiding you with the packing up of the stuff and the entire moving process. You can easily send a quote t them in order to move your small studio offices or even a workshop exceeding 35,000 sq. ft. with complete ease and comfort. They have a set of professionals who will be at your disposal in this process.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the relocation will be based on the per square foot which allow the company to determine the size of the office before giving you a proper quote of the entire moving process. In the UK and especially London, you will have to pay the costs in terms of the per square foot measurement of your office.

  • Prestige Logistics offers the average Prices for the removal of the office which is 3,000 Sq. Ft. to be in the range of £3,500 – £7,000.
  • If the office is much bigger and falls in the range of 10,000 Sq. Ft. more or less, you will have to pay £6,100 – £23,000. The Business taxes are calculated using the formula: £0.466p – £0.479p x Rateable Value.
  • The company further takes the fit-Out Costs of £30 – £180 per Sq. Ft. while the property surveys might cost you as much as £750 – £5,000 and the property expenses will be £3,500 – £13,500.
  • In case if your office space needs any Office Alterations, the additional charges of £750 – £3,000 will have to be paid with the service Charge increase of 5% – 10%.

However the final costs will be sent out to you in the form of a document which will be provided to you once your property is being surveyed and you provide a proper quote of the office for relocation. Prestige Logistics offer a team of experts which will guide you through step of relocation in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the money which will be invested in relocation.

The key considerations

You have to pay a lot more focus while you are relocating your office on the additional costs as well. You will have to pay the additional cost of the term like VAT which is currently 20 percent in the UK followed by the Commercial property costs, Construction and repairs, Theft or wastage of inventory, Employee downtime and Relocation notifications which are a part of the costs and will be added to the total costs.

You should be familiar with the IT infrastructure and the machinery in your office while you are selecting the company for the relocation of the office. Your data center and servers as well as furniture will need extra measures to be safely relocated in the office. Choose Prestige Logistics for office relocation in London. They will be offering you the safest and the budget-friendly office moving options to the offices of any size in London. You don’t have to worry if you have a big office and its safety if you are working with them. The company will be ensuring that you can relocate your office in an affordable manner with their experts who will be at your disposal 24/7 to make sure that your moving is done timely and in a safe and integrated manner.