Which is the Cheapest Courier Service in London?

We began Prestige Logistics with the intention of making courier services as cheap as possible for people and businesses in London. We saw the high prices existing companies were charging their clients and resolved to change the status quo. It just didn’t seem right to us that private individuals and enterprises were paying so much for transporting goods. There had to be a better way.

Prestige Logistics began looking into whether it was possible to offer UK clients a quality courier service at a lower price. We didn’t want to cut corner, so we knew that it was going to be a challenge. But we also knew that our customers wanted pocket-friendly prices. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be solving the industry’s problems.

We also found out that UK customers want fast delivery: either same-day or next-day during our investigations. The whole purpose of the cheapest courier service is to bypass the traditional postal network and get goods to where people need them fast. Nobody wants a slow service. So the price would have to include this too.

Why Prestige’s Courier Service Is So Cheap

Solving this problem wasn’t going to be easy. Established industry players were already doing everything they could to lower their costs. So we had to start thinking out of the box.

Efficient Vehicle Options

One of the first thing we did was think about how to make courier transport more efficient. We soon saw that using a variety of transport methods, including motorbikes, would be the best way to get items to their destinations fast and cheap.

Today, our bikes scoot through busy city streets, often bypassing traffic. This way, they deliver rapidly and keep costs down. Some of our deliveries take five minutes or less.

Prestige Logistics also uses a range of vans from small to large, depending on the size of your parcel. Small vans are ideal for nipping across London and delivering packages rapidly. Larger options come with big rubber mats and can deliver hefty items, such as furniture, anywhere in the UK or EU mainland. Callout coverage is less than one hour in London.

Online Booking

Next, we looked at whether there was any way we could use technology to improve efficiency and cut the prices of our services. Traditional couriers often use slow communication methods, such as telephone and email, to arrange callouts and book transportation. But these approaches only slow things down. We needed to streamline booking to lower costs.

That’s why we developed our online booking options. You tell us the time and date of your delivery and where you’d like to send your parcel, and we get on with it. It’s that simple.

Naturally, we provide telephone and email support as well. But the beautiful thing about online booking is that it happens automatically. Our drivers simply receive instructions and get on with the job. Lower admin costs mean better prices.

Efficient Routes

Many express delivery services promise to deliver your goods within two to three days – even within the same city. But at Prestige, we think these time frames are unacceptable. Even regular postal services are sometimes faster.

Therefore, we decided to improve our routing processes. That’s why we hire trained and experienced drivers who take distance and traffic conditions into account when making their deliveries. This process allows us to get to you in minutes and quickly deliver your items using smart routing. In turn, this lowers labour costs and, ultimately, cuts the price you pay.

Hiring Prestige Logistics’ Same-Day And Next-Day Courier Services

There are so many benefits to choosing Prestige Logistics for same-day and next-day cheapest courier service. We have clean vans, quick pickups, and polite drivers, to mention just a few.

But at the core of our appeal is our low prices. Nothing is more important to us than finding the most efficient ways to get your items from one location to another.

Both individuals and businesses alike love our services because of the versatility we offer. With us, you can deliver small items quickly on the back of a motorcycle or giant packages in our vans. It’s entirely up to you. We deliver throughout London, the UK, and the EU, allowing you to send goods to wherever they need to be quickly and reliably. So if you’re looking for the cheapest courier service in London, you know what to do. Schedule your delivery using our online tools today and start saving!