Who Offers Best Shipping & Logistics Services for Fashion Brands?

Fashion is everything. We all subscribe to some kind of fashion everyday when we get dressed. Fashion is life. If you work in the fashion industry and you have your own fashion brand, you know how important it is to get your product to your customers. If you don’t, they will move on to someone else entirely because clothing is a necessity and one cannot wait around for something to wear.

If you work with a third party logistics company for your fashion brands needs, you have a better chance of building your brand and your name by getting your clothes to your customers on time and in one piece. Here is why Prestige Logistic Group is the best choice for this service.

1. Everything Is Properly Stored

Storage is the most important thing when it comes to fashion. Depending on the fabrics used to make your clothes, how you store them can directly affect their lifespan and directly affect whether or not they will be delivered in great condition. Prestige stores all fashion items in their proper containers, at the proper temperature, and they are always taken care of.

When you store in a Prestige warehouse all of your clothing items are kept clean and dusted, and we have rails to keep hanging clothes hanging so that nothing bad happens to your inventory.

2. High Level of Security

With Prestige, whenever we ship anything of a high value, transportation is always manned with two or more couriers to ensure that someone always has an eye on what is being shipped. We also offer GPS tracking when we are shipping your items so that you also have your eyes on what is going on at all times.

Having this high level of security ensures that your items will reach your customers in a timely fashion brands or in the amount of time that you told your customers it will arrive. We have all ordered offline only to receive something that was nowhere near what we ordered. You won’t have this problem because your customers will be receiving what they bought when you promised them.

3. Package Tracking

You know where your things are at all times. You will know the time, the date, and the location of what is being shipped to your clients at all times. This will allow you to fix any problems that arise. There is nothing worse than getting a customer complaint and knowing that you could have fixed it had you known.

This saves a lot of money in making it up to your customers.

Contact Us Prestige Logistics Group is your best choice for your fashion brand. We ensure that your items are handled like gold and you know where they are at all times. We will help you save a lot of money in lost goods, customer dissatisfaction, and making new products to replace lost products. Contact us today at 020 8936 7601 or email us at sales@prestigelogisticsgroup.com.